Pool Paints & Repairs

From small residential pools to large commercial swimming pool complexes we offer an extensive range of pool paint and repair products including chlorinated and epoxy pool paints, crack repair systems for concrete pools, sealants for pool joints and slip resistant coatings for pool surrounds. With extensive experience in pool repairs and installation we offer services from product selection, repair and installation advice to complete contracting and installation of all pool repair and paint systems.

Whether simply freshening up the look of a worn residential pool or completely renovating a commercial pool complex we can assist you in all aspects of the process including preparation of the pool surface, crack repair and jointing compound installation, pool coating application and pool surround sealers and coating selections.


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Information Guide and Video:

Finding the source of pool leaks ( PDF)

Epoxy swimming pool coating fact sheet ( PDF)

NSW pool association water balancing fact sheet ( PDF)

Balancing and correcting pool water chemistry ( PDF)

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