Concrete Floor Paints & Coating Systems

Cement, epoxy and polymer flooring products are available for a broad range of applications including moisture barriers, floor leveling and underlays, epoxy primers, epoxy binders, epoxy and resin based flooring systems and decorative flooring systems.

From single pack acrylics to epoxy coatings to the ultimate polyurethane cement based flooring systems, a solution is available from the most basic to the most demanding construction, industrial, commercial or mining application. With solutions for retail and commercial shops, clean rooms, wash rooms, warehousing, loading bays, ramps, car parks, garages, food and beverage industry, dairies, meat processing plants, automotive industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, power stations, plastics industry, laboratories, mining and aviation hangers, we are sure to have a solution for your flooring needs.




CementitiousEpoxy & ResinsAnchors


CementitiousEpoxy & ResinsAnchors
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