Concrete Repair & Protection


Integral Coatings & Systems can assist at all phases of a concrete structures life from installations of pre pour waterproofing sheet membrane against underground water sources to post pour concrete dustproofers, hardeners or densifiers to damaged joint repairs, repairs of concrete reinforcing and epoxy crack injection to critical infrastructure and industrial assets such as bridges, dams, waste water treatment ponds, etc. Below is a description of some of the services we can provide:

  • Concrete floor leveling, repair and resurfacing
  • Concrete waterproofing (pre and post pour)
  • Concrete surface hardeners and densifiers
  • Construction water stops and plugs
  • Immersion sealing and jointing systems
  • Moisture barriers and green concrete treatment systems
  • Non shrink cementitious and epoxy grout installations
  • Epoxy grouting, coving mortars and screed installations
  • Epoxy crack injection systems for concrete
  • Concrete reinforcing repair and protection
  • Epoxy and polyester anchors for starter bars, rods and bolts
  • Anti carbonation coatings
  • Anti graffiti coatings


Concrete is a very durable material used for most types of construction, however all concrete degrades over time, the rate of which is dependent on both the quality of the concrete and the environmental conditions to which it is exposed.  The quality of the concrete achieved during design, construction and curing is influenced by the selection of mix ingredients, mix design, placing, compaction, curing conditions and detailing such as waterproofing and joint installation.

The environmental conditions the concrete is exposed to also creates various deterioration mechanisms including mechanical and impact damage, structural overloading, weathering, contamination by corrosive chemicals and damage caused by the corrosion of embedded steel reinforcement.

Concrete maintenance, repair and protection is critical and should be addressed as soon as discovered as costs can increase exponentially for remedial works the longer the problem is left untreated. The life of a concrete structure can generally be identified as four phases:

  1. Design , construction, curing and detailing - Best practice methods to be used
  2. Corrosion symptoms showing, damage not yet visible - Maintenance required to prevent damage
  3. Damage / corrosion visible but just begun - Repairs and preventative maintenance required to prevent further damage
  4. Damage / corrosion advanced with extensive damage visible - Demolition or renovation and restoration
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