Pool Crack Repair Systems


Sikadur 52 - Low viscosity epoxy resin


Low viscosity, free flowing and fast curing epoxy resin used to inject and fill cracks between 0.2 - 5mm wide in most construction materials curing to form a rigid, high strength, non shrink product with excellent adhesion to most construction materials enabling restoration of structural columns, beams, foundations, decks and water retaining structures.

Technical Data Sheet               Material Safety Data Sheet               

Sika Crack Injection Guide


Aqua Leak:

Aqua Leak - Underwater epoxy repair kit

A white, soft putty like material when first mixed which hardens in or out of water.  Suitable for use in all pool types and adheres to most surfaces.



Nitofill LV - Pre packaged low viscosity epoxy crack injection system


Designed for injecting cracks in concrete and masonry where there is a need to consolidate a structure or exclude water and air from contact with steel reinforcement. Low viscosity, injection grouting system suitable for cracks down to 0.2mm at the surface tapering internally down to to 0.01mm which are not expected to move further. Ideal for small scale repairs.

Technical Data Sheet              Material Safety Data Sheet Part A             Material Safety Data Sheet Part B

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