Concrete Treatments

Integral Coatings & Systems offers an extensive range of concrete treatment products through our strong network of both local and international suppliers delivering high quality products utilizing the latest technologies available in Australia at nationally competitive prices.

Concrete treatment products are available for a broad range of applications including surface retarders, hardeners, release agents and curing compounds. Surface retarders are available to create a mechanical key in kicker joints, renders and screeds, expose aggregates and reduce evaporation.

Surface hardeners are available for various uses including curing, hardeners, densifiers, dust proofing and sealing fresh or hardened concrete. Release agents are available to act as a bond breaker between formwork or moulds and freshly placed concrete. Concrete curing compounds are available in an alcohol base, hydrocarbon resin base, water based wax emulsion, water based acrylic and chlorinated rubber based compounds for various functions.


Surface RetardersSurface HardenersRelease AgentsCuring Compounds
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