Concrete Floor Preparation & Treatment

Effective surface preparation is essential for the long term successful performance of concrete flooring system overlays, particularly painted, coated or trowel applied floors such as epoxy floors for residential flooring, commercial flooring and critical industrial floor solutions. Integral Coatings & Systems offers a comprehensive range of floor preparation techniques by our experienced staff from acid etching to diamond grinding, scarifying and captive shot blasting. Below is a description of some of the services we can provide.

  • Abrasive blasting (on site projects only)
  • Dustless, abrasive, concrete grinding and scarrifying
  • Concrete crack chasing and repair
  • Concrete floor moisture barrier applications
  • Anti slip and acid etching treatments for concrete and tile floors


Acid Etching

Etching concrete or tiles is a chemical treatment to the top layer of the surface. This is usually done in preparation for a coating or as an anti slip treatment to concrete or tiles.  The process involves applying an acid solution to the surface for varying time intervals to achieve different profiles for further treatments. Etching is usually described as "light", "medium" or "heavy" and describes how much of the surface is being removed to achieve the final result.

Diamond Grinding

Concrete grinding is a mechanical method of removing concrete, glues, vinyl and other contamination with abrasives such as carbide, diamond and steel installed on discs at the base of the machine which rotate horizontally.  Diamond grinding provides a clean, level and smooth surface suitable for multiple floor coating systems, usually carried out with full vacuum extraction that will significantly reduce dust produced by the grinding process.


Scarrifying is accomplished by using a machine called a Scarrifyer.  It operates by rotating a steel drum at high revolutions with a number of small shafts.  Each shaft holds cutters usually made from carbide or steel that rotate loosely on the shafts and "chip" away at the concrete as they rotate around the drum. The scarifying method is best used to remove concrete fast and aggressively providing a rough textured finish.

Shot Blast / Abrasive Blast

Shot blasting equipment propels small steel balls downward at high velocity into the concrete floor effectively chipping the concrete surface. The balls are recycled into the equipment and used continuously throughout the process. Abrasive blasting uses compressed air to propel abrasives such as steel shot, garnet or staurolite into steel or concrete preparing the surface to various profiles usually in preparation for coating applications.


Surface Profile Guide

CSP1 - Acid Etched
CSP2 - Grinding
CSP3 - Light Shot Blasting


CSP4 - Light Scarification
CSP5 - Medium Shot Blast
CSP6 - Medium Scarification


CSP7 - Heavy Abrasive Blast
CSP8 - Scabbled
CSP9 - Heavy Scarification
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